Download MSI Gaming App 32-bit / 64-bit For Windows

Download MSI Gaming App latest version 32-bit and 64-bit for Windows. Unlock the hidden features of your MSI Graphics card to improve the performance. It will increase the graphics card performance to the ultimate level. By using this tool you can unlock the additional performance of your MSI graphics card. This tool also provides on-screen information about your system performance that includes everything like VRAM usage, VRAM Frequency, CPU Usage, GPU Usage, FAN Speed, Temperature and FPS, etc. If you are planning to overclock the GPU with MSI Afterburner then this tool will help you to keep an eye on FPS and other performances.

Use Of MSI Gaming App

To unlock the hidden features and additional performance of the MSI graphics card the MSI Gaming App is used. Keep an eye on every aspect of your graphics card with the help of this small tool. This software includes various functions such as performance profiles, rest your eyes, and Unleash the LED Dragon. By using this tool you can make your system ready for VR. because VR requires higher system performance. You can track the performance of every hardware of your GPU. Everything will be shown on the screen while playing the game. Monitor the RAM Usage, GPU & GPU Usage as well as the frequency of RAM and GPU. The additional information is about the MSI Gaming App is posted on MSI’s official blog.

Download MSI Gaming App 32-bit / 64-bit For Windows

download msi gaming app
Software NameMSI Gaming App
Filesize58 MB
Supported OSWindows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7
Updated OnJanuary 09, 2021

Features Of MSI Gaming App (2020) Latest Version

  • The app includes performance profiles to manage different profiles for different settings. The MSI gaming app has three predefined profiles that can be customized with one click.
  • The treat your eyes features gives rest to your eyes. If your eyes are tired from the blue light of the screen then give rest to your eyes by changing the mode to eye rest mode.
  • If you have the latest MSI Gaming Graphics Card, then you can use the “Unleash the LED Dragon” features.
  • This tool provides the environment to support VR. As we know VR requires higher system performance. Hence to maximize the performance we use this gaming app.
  • You can check the system information anytime on the screen even while playing the game. Every information will be shown on the screen such as FPS, CPU Usage, and frequencies.

Software Screenshot

msi gaming app logo

How To Use MSI Gaming App To Enhance The GPU Performance

  1. Download and install the latest version of the software from the above link.
  2. Double click on the icon of the app from the desktop and launch the app. This will show you the default system performance.
  3. Navigate the performance profiles section to select any one profile out of three. There are three predefined profiles. We will use those profiles for customization.
  4. Now click on the customization button and you will see different options such as display setting, Light settings, frequency and FPS, etc.
  5. With the help of those options, we will boost the FPS to increase the performance. Increase the clock speed by using the selected profile and you will get the maximum performance from the GPU.


The graphics cards come with lots of features. Some are activated by default and some require tweaks to get activated. To maximize the graphics card performance we require to unlock the hidden features. To unlock those features we use tools like Gaming App that unlocks all the features of the graphics cards. Download the gaming app from MSI now and increase system performance.

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