Download MSI Afterburner App For Android (.Apk) Latest Version

Download MSI Afterburner app for android .apk file the latest version. It is the most popular utility tool to overlock the GPU. If you want to increase the FPS on android devices and want to play the game smoothly, then use this app. We have also shared the MSI Afterburner for PC, that includes lots of features. It increases the android device performance to run the game smoothly with higher FPS.

Need Of MSI Afterburner In Android Device

Nowadays lots of high graphics games available on the play store. Which requires high-end devices to run. Sometimes also in the high-end devices, you face lagging issues. This is due to the low FPS or other android apps running in the background. The MSI Afterburner app will monitor everything on your android device. You can force close the apps which are causing lags while playing games.

If you have a low-end device but want to play a high graphics game then you can use this app. It will provide the environment to run the game on your android device. It will boost the FPS and increase the performance of your android device. The app will provide the best settings to maximize the performance of your android device. So that you can play games without lag. There are lots of android games that require high FPS to run smoothly such as PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile and Life After, etc.

The MSI Afterburner app for android will maximize your device performance and provide the environment to run games smoothly without upgrading your device. The app has lots of features that are described below.

Download MSI Afterburner App For Android

Download msi afterburner app for android
Software NameMSI Afterburner App For Android
Filesize2 MB
Supported OSAndroid
Updated OnJanuary 07, 2021

Features Of MSI Afterburner Apk For Android

  1. Maximize the performance of your android device by overclocking the GPU.
  2. It will overclock the android GPU without heating issues and harm to hardware.
  3. No need to upgrade your android mobile for little requirements of gaming, just use MSI Afterburner to run the game without lag.
  4. The app will monitor the whole functions of your android device including clock speed, memory frequency, battery usage, and GPU performance.
  5. No tough settings are required to do, just tap on a few buttons and your android GPU will overclock.

How To Use MSI Afterburner On Android To Boost FPS

  1. Download the latest version of the app from the above direct link.
  2. Install the app from the .apk file on your android device.
  3. Now open the app and wait a few seconds to get detected by the app.
  4. You will see your mobile configuration and stats on the main screen.
  5. To overclock the GPU of your android phone, just use the available options such as clock speed, memory frequency, and fan speed, etc.
  6. You can also use a preset if you are a beginner. The preset includes the best settings for all devices.


Nowadays lots of high graphics games are available to play. Every game has different requirements. We cannot change our mobile device again and again to play specific games. Therefore there is a need for tools like MSI Afterburner. That can help us to play every game on the same device. The afterburner makes a suitable environment for every different type of game. You just have to install it and overclock the android phone’s GPU.

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